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Feed and learn

Peck provide educational wild bird feeds. In each Peck pot you’ll find 3 Peck cards and 1 sticker to help learn about the birds you’re feeding.

Why Peck?

Get into Nature

A great way to get outside and be in nature

Award Winning

Peck has been internationally recognised for serving social good!


Being around nature has huge benefits for mental wellbeing

Tech Break

Technology is great, but not all the time!


Our pots (and lids!) are 100% compostable.


A great way to learn about the UK and Ireland’s wild birds

3 delicious mixes

Our mixes are specifically picked to help attract the widest range of wild birds to your garden, whilst providing the nutrition they need

Learning rarity

The harder a card is to find, the rarer it is in the wild. Prepare to see a few Sparrows before finding a Sparrowhawk!

Plenty to collect

There are a total of 70 cards to collect ranging from the common Blackbird to the elusive Peregrine Falcon

Understand the birds you’re feeding

Our cards are packed with useful information!


Along with 3 Peck cards you’ll find a sticker in each pot.

There are 20 to collect!

True character

Our stickers cover more common garden birds and have distinctive markings to help with identification


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